United Terrorists of the Empire

The global empire of neoliberal capital, in its general tendency to outsourcing and subcontracting its different business sectors, naturally extends this practice to the international terrorism. In this way it solves one of its main contradictions: its need to an endlessly growth in a context of limited resources and demand. In other words, capitalism requires the destruction of war to construct new business areas. But also, the destruction itself generates huge profits, through what has been called "disaster capitalism" (Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, 2007), benefiting from terror and "shock" in the population to legitimize huge transfers of capital from the public to the private sectors, beyond democratic mechanisms. Outsourcing war to terrorist groups allows, first, hiding from the citizenship of the centers that wars are essentially promoted by the West, and they are a structural element of the system. Furthermore, this huge institutional lie, designed and communicated with the complicity of the mainstream media, justifies the selective interventions of the military forces of the centers (Thierry Meyssan, "El regreso del plan yanqui de rediseño del Medio Oriente ampliado", www.voltairenet.org, 2014). If that were not enough, this huge imposture of our governments also serves to the demonization of the other -- in general -- and of Muslims -- in particular -- as well as to the implementation of the police state in the centers, that actually seek to repress the citizenship's discontent with this terribly unfair and corrupt political and economic system.

Image [aw] after United States' and Islamic State's flags.