Violence Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed...

One of the main objectives of the capitalist propaganda is to conceal the violence inherent to the system or systemic violence (Slavoj Zizek, Violence, 2008). Permanently the same mantra is recited by its institutions and mainstream media, saying that the violence is exercised by the other, by someone or something who or which, precisely because of making use of such violence, is automatically located by the system in its outside, in its margins, is disqualified as anomaly. And yet, according to an elemental law like that of conservation of energy, violence can neither be created nor destroyed... In fact any violence requires, at least, a similar one at the other side. From this basic approach, it wouldn't be difficult to know the, so to say, sense of advance of this middle line; or in other words, which one of these two violences would be more violent. That seems too much simple but in fact is a key strategy to understand how violence in and around the system works. 

Image after Eugene Stoner and L. James Sullivan's M16 rifle (1956) [fu/fd] and United States one-dollar bill (1957) [ua-fu/fd].