Purification Rituals

Like every religion, capitalism regularly celebrates its purification rituals. To do that, a scientific-priestly caste, rigorously initiated to serve the power, performs a thorough ceremony, in which the system expurgates those elements considered impure, thus establishing a clear distinction with those considered pure. This technological clergy accurately defines the realm of the sacred, to which access is prohibited for the profane, allowing in this way the inexplicable or the miraculous to take place. Thus, the power-religion strengthens its influence and mechanisms of control over the faithful, by means of this sacrificial representation, that functions as a moral and behavioral reference, based on the manipulation of the most irrational fears. But the mechanism must function for the unfaithful as well. To do this, and as part of the ritual, a whole series of protocols, regulations, dispositifs and spectacles are deployed.The extreme scenario of this agenda is the global state of medical exception.

Image after Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel (1511-1512) [pd], NASA's earth image [pd] and Emilio Naranjo/EFE's Ebola diagnosed patient's repatriation (2014) [fu/fd].