Biological Warfare State

One of the lessons that capitalism learned from nazism, after welcoming its most important extermination and war scientists, was that the biological warfare could not only be waged against the external enemy but also against the domestic one. Thus, one of the fundamental and structural contradictions of capitalism --the production of a large amount of unproductive population, as a result of increasing the system's productivity-- could be solved. As in other industrial sectors, the biological weapons originally designed or tested in external wars --or in the no man's land of periphery--, could also be used to inoculate with fake natural diseases the domestic population by the scientific-medical apparatus. The result of that is the most lethal strain of capitalism ever created, or eugenic capitalism, for although it allows to buffer or delay the war crises inherent to this system --al least in the centers--, it does that by declaring the permanent state of war in our bodies.  

Image after USS George Washington Aircraft Carrier (1992) [pd], Gil Bizemont's Place Vendôme [fu/fd] and Getty Images' Staff at Doctors Without Borders carry the body of an Ebola victim (2014) [fu/fd].