Paladi Votum (Offering to Pallas)

In the same way that the capitalist regime is inseparable from the process of plundering, slavery and exploitation called primitive accumulation, the technology and the technological progress cannot be understood without the dynamics of domination by which the most powerful nations subjugate the weaker. The myth of the Trojan Horse perfectly illustrates this phenomenon. While it seems that this invention ultimately refers to a type of war machine, the fact is that, according to the legend, the Achaeans could persuade the Trojans to bring this Greek present into the citadel, because it was an offering to the Goddess Pallas Athena ("PALADI VOTUM"), whom the two nations worshiped. Until today, the virgin and warrior goddess of intelligence and strategic war is idolized, and inside her most fascinating technological devices still hide armies prepared to invade.  

Image after Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo's The Procession of the Trojan Hose into Troy (ca. 1760) [pd], Lionel Cironneau's Berlin wall fall (1989) [fu/fd] and various vintage car advertisements [fu/fd].