Invitation to Have a Soup

Today we are experiencing a vertiginous shift towards a completely surveyed world, in which we are all suspect and all our activities are registered in the divine eye of the system. What characterizes the totalitarian states is what we are suffering today on a global scale, in the form of a global totalitarianism. All Orwell's prophecies (Nineteen Eighty-Four, 1949) are happening right now with terrifying precision.

But in this situation, perhaps the most lucid reaction would simply be playing another game. Jean Baudrillard wrote that "we will not destroy the system by a direct, dialectical revolution of the economic or political infraestructure. [...] We will not defeat it by following its own logic... [...] We will never defeat the system in the plane of the real..." (Symbolic Exchange and Death, 1976). Thus, the challenge is not resisting in the classical sense, but rather, absorbing this dynamic not just with an opposite movement, but rather with another belonging to other nature, to other level... The challenge is how to overcome this dynamic of the system without following its rules, its violence. Or, in other words, "defy the system with a gift to which it cannot respond save its own collapse and death" (ibid).

Image [aw] after alphabet soup.