Propaganda Transparency

With architectural transparency occurs as with many other phenomena of capitalism; they have been "recuperated" by the system to end up being its propaganda, that is, masking the true essence of the capitalist regime. Thus, architectural transparency, which would symbolize a transparent society and transparent politics, has been used in fact as a smokescreen to hide the opacity, the corruption and the institutionalized crime that are structural in the system, particularly in its last neoliberal modality. It is not a coincidence that this architectural transparency has been particularly adopted in the financial sector, the most fraudulent. Bank branches want to provide to their customers an image of nearness, openness and transparency, while behind closed doors the top-level managers negotiate with the international crime and opaque banks guard the bribes offered by the big capital to the dictators to repress his people. A similar logic can be observed in the so-called "democratic" parliaments, which offer its citizens an image of transparency and accessibility, while the "representatives of the people" secretly negotiate with the lobbyists the next free trade agreement, which will deprive people's sovereignty.

In fact today those who contributed more to the "transparency", as it is the case of Julian Assange or Edward Snowden, are precisely who are confined, threatened by a system based on opacity and which relentlessly persecutes those who call it into question.

Image after AP Photo / Kirsty Wigglesworth's Julian Assange at the Equador Embassy in London (2012) [fu/fd]  and Kurt F. Domnik / Pixelio's German Parliament [fu/fd].