Camouflage Suit-ainability

Today the sustainability is one of the fronts on which the capital wages its war to exterminate the natural life across the globe. As in other domains, this strategy operates according to a logic of double standard, in which the underlying strategy camouflages itself behind an advertising and ideological apparatus serving as its alibi. As in the general movement of colonization by the spiritual capital over the body of the Earth, today sustainability conceals the violence that always characterized imperialism. A violence that has always been present in all imperial dynamics, but that now takes place under more sophisticated, more veiled, greener mechanisms. Of course we are not talking about the small-scale sustainability, which in fact has always existed without the need to resort to particular terms. We refer particularly to the great business of sustainability that aims to impose the capitalist imperial policies of the centers on the peripheries, through a whole and sophisticated labyrinth of directives, regulations, patents, quality labels, taxes, subsidies... implemented by different institutions under the dictatorship of the great capital, and ultimately involving the extermination of the biodiversity, the death of the population and the land.

Image after Patrick Blanc's Tacoma Goodwill vertical garden, 2009 [fu/fd] and various guillie suits [ua-fu/fd].