All in Due Time

Although today we might be surprised about this assertion, the fact is that the time measured by clocks is just a second nature that actually corresponds only partly to the natural time. Lewis Mumford showed (Technics and Civilization, 1934) the importance that the Christian monastic orders had regarding the use of the mechanical clock and its influence on the regulation of human habits, and how this religious way of understanding the time was inherited by the bourgeoisie and the capitalism. The contemporary time is therefore inseparable of the ascetic component, even sacrificial, imbuing all Christendom. For a long time the Crucifix dominated the matrimonial bed, ensuring the couple's chastity under the gaze of the suffering Christ. Today, clocks watches us from every corner of our cities, houses and devices.  

Image after Albrecht Dürer's Adam and Eve (1507) [pd].