Obama's Masks

The power in today's neoliberal capitalist regime is held in an increasingly lesser degree by the traditional political representatives. These are becoming mere puppets whose task is to give a face and appropriate words to the general decisions taken in other levels. Power is located today, above all, along a complex labyrinth of institutions, corporations, regulatory agencies, foundations, lobbies, think tanks, secret societies... Between each other --through the so-called "revolving doors"-- gray characters parade, with no more personality than their submission and their hunger for power, ensuring that the political decisions are taken according to the interests of big capital. They know that their work will be rewarded in one way or another if they act in this sense.  

Put another way, who rules today is the capital. This means that in addition to these heterogeneous ensemble of organisms, a series of conventions, laws, jurisprudences, regulations, mechanisms, practices, etc. are in fact imbued with power, to the extent that they allow and favor the interests of capital. This functions in practice as a dictatorship, no less genocidal than the military ones, with which they work in coordination (Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, 2007).

Neoliberal capitalism and democracy are by definition incompatible. Today's rulers --of course we are talking in general-- have the task of deceiving their people, hiding that the true power regime is, as said, a dictatorship of capital and huge amounts of this capital flow daily from the peripheries to the centers, with their knowledge and complicity.

Image after Pete Souza / White House's photo of Barack Obama (2012) [pd-fu/fd].