Blessed Are They Which Are Called unto the Surveillance of the Lord

In those parts of the empire in which the implementation of the police state is more advanced, as it is the case of the United Kingdom, a very significant figure has been reached, with regard to the statistics of surveillance. Thus, it is estimated that in this country there is one surveillance video camera for every twelve people. Interestingly this number coincides with that defined by the official tradition of Christianity --due to its numerological symbolism--  for Jesus of Nazareth's apostles.

We are obviously at an intermediate stage in the transition process from the Christian to the capitalist religion, or in other words, the "fall" of God's transcendence into the immanence of the system, as Walter Benjamin put it (Capitalism as Religion, 1985). It seems therefore reasonable that this process would continue and conclude at the time when this control devices, in one way or another, become completely internalized in each individual, so that the body would obey the dictates of the God-Capital. Obviously we hope that this atrocity will never take place.

For now, what we can say is that, at least in the areas representing the avant-garde of capitalism, "blessed are they which are called unto the surveillance of the Lord" (after Revelation).

Image after Juan de Juanes' The Last Supper (ca. 1562) [pd] and Great Seal of the United States' reverse of one-dollar bill (1957) [pd-fu/fd] .