Warning: Capitalism Harms

As known, the big lie of neoliberal ideology is to proclaim that it is based on liberty. This is only a half-truth. Indeed the freedom affects --though with many nuances-- to the movements of capital; but in fact the system needs quite a lot of restrictions of freedom in many other areas (James Petras, Henry Veltmeyer, Luciano Vasapollo and Mauro Casadio, Empire with Imperialism: The Globalizing Dynamics of Neoliberal Capitalism, 2004). The millions of people fleeing from their own lands --because of war, terrorism, unemployment, indebtedness, pollution, extensive monoculture...-- clash with the borders of the central countries, to which however the capital can freely flee. Far from the myth of the free market, the global neoliberal regime requires an enormous legislative and regulatory apparatus, as well as a military and police one, which makes possible the capital to move, while the collateral damages caused by capitalism to remain at home.

In a way capital is like a drug. It is always accompanied by desire and violence. The reproduction of capital is addictive. The system always needs more. Yet what has always characterized humanity has been to know how to regulate, dose, ritualize its instincts. Man has not renounced the use of drugs, despite knowing its harmful effect beyond a certain limit; he has known how to regulate its consumption. So why not regulate the use of the drug par excellence of our times, the capital? Why not warn against its harmful effects? Why not also apply a tax on capital to address the harm caused by it?

Image after United States one-dollar bill (1957) [ua-fu/fd] and health warning about smoking.