Quid ei Potest Videri Magnum in Rebus Humanis... (For What Human Affairs Can Seem Important...?)

It must not be a coincidence that almost at the same time that the man was able to embrace the whole world, he created an ideal image of himself which still prevails. Cartography needed to deform reality in order to conceive a more docile image of the world. Similarly, the more perfect the man wanted to create his own image, the more distorted it needed to be. For this man avoided considering that man's image could not be conceived but in relation to the other man. Colonialism inaugurated an era --globalization, as a form of neocolonialism, is nothing but its continuation-- of universal and systematic abuse towards this other man, by the man who, still today, considers himself perfect, or at least superior. Thus, the universality and perfection of the man's spirit still today mistreats the other man's body, as well as the unique and shared earth's body; that is to say, his body as well.  

Image after Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man (c. 1490) [pd] and Abraham Ortelius' World Map Theatrum Orbis Terrarvm (1573) [pd].