Collateral Humanitarianism

In a context in which the double standards are the dominant morals, it is not surprising that many humanitarian institutions function, although not their intention, according to this logic, using the humanitarianism as a pretext for imperial or colonial undeclared intentions that unfortunately rule the world. Thus, the capitalist system, in the general context of its violent procedures, comes to terms with this kind of collateral humanitarianism, that far from being an impediment to the achievement of its objectives, becomes used as propaganda facing the public opinion; as well as a means of recuperation of dissident forces. Under these circumstances, a paradigm shift would be needed, as in politics in general. A new paradigm which would replace the classical one based on "democratic" representation, but instead based on direct participation, the triad boycott-divestment-sanctions (BDS), civil disobedience as well as any other that the subversive imagination could create.

Image after United Nations flag (1945) [ua-fu/fd] and Collateral Murder (July 12, 2007 Baghdad airstrike, released by Wikileaks [fu/fd].