Abu Ghraib after Warhol

We believe that one of the keys to understand how power operates as well as its complicity with the media --an increasingly inextricable relation of the second and the fourth power-- is some kind of manipulation of our empathy. This is in fact a two-way mechanism, responsive to the public's reactions but also forced from above. The repeated and ritualized use of images depicting violence, all made accordingly to the priestly know-how of the media experts, gradually undermines our ability of an empathic response, in such a way that, piety is little by little turned into a more or less conscious sadism. Thus, when the contemporary man is having dinner in front of the television, he is also commemorating the sacrificial --and even cannibal-- rituals of their ancestors.

Image after United States Army's images of Abu Ghraib (2004) [pd] and Andy Warhol's works.