Class Struggle

The billionaire Warren Buffett said: "there's class warfare... but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning". Thus, not only the notion of class struggle is still valid today, but in fact the political, social and cultural dominant paradigm ultimately relies on violence and its various sublimations. Under these circumstances, and taking into account the fact that technology --also based on a paradigm of surveillance and aggression--, allows an increasingly easier control by the privileged, what seems clear is that, in addition to the traditional struggles, there needs to be other kind of struggles, other ways of understanding this term, not based on violence... That is to say, other games, other rules...


The Eternal Return of the Violence-Justice

The symbol of Justice needs to be understood in a cyclical sense. The law precedes the punishment, but also is the violence which establishes the law (Walter Benjamin, Critique of Violence, 1921). Like the chicken or the egg, violence and justice endlessly follow one another. They are inextricably related. But this idea can also be understood in a second sense. The balance also responds to a distinct cut in the continuity of the social body. The pure and the impure, the good and the evil that structure the moral order, can only be distinguished once they have been violently separated by the sacrifice.  

Image after Oswald Wirth's Tarot (1889) [pd].