The Trinity of Capitalism

The so-called Thrones of Mercy show, unlike common crucifixions, God himself literally showing the Crucified. As usual, "anomalies" hold keys, harder to find in "paradigms" (Thomas S. Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 1962), which allow us to better understand the whole. In this case, this "anomaly" demonstrate, not only that the symbol of the Cross is based on the typical sacrificial dissociation of body and spirit, but also that it is a representation, an elaborate ritual, similar to a deux ex machina behind the scene orchestrating the show. But what differentiates capitalist religion is that God appears as a void. In fact what happens is, as Benjamin said, that "God's transcendence is fallen" (Capitalism as Religion, 1985), that the capitalist mechanisms themselves now embody God. Violence, as it used to be from the beginning of man, still holds the whole show. But now who suffers is the productive body, while the ethereal, volatile dimension corresponds to the financial spirit

Image after Austrian School's The Trinity of Christ Crucified (ca. 1410) [pd], United States' marine corps uniforms (1991) [pd] and Dow Jones' index chart.