Michael and his Drones Fought Against the Dragon

Our times resemble more and more the Book of Revelation. The central intelligence agencies of the Empire embody today the archangel Michael, as he weighs the souls of the mortals to distinguish between the righteous and the sinners. Then, he commands his army of angels-drones pitiless to execute the divine plan, beyond any worldly law. Indeed drones meet all the features that the tradition gives to the angels: they are heavenly, ethereal, incorporeal beings, watch over the borders of the nations, intermediate between the divine and the human.

Image after Hans Memling's Das Jüngste Gericht (Last Judgment, 1467-1471) [pd], CIA's seal (1950) [pd], White House's United States twenty-dollar bill (2003) [pd] and various drones types [ua-fu/fd].