Virtue Detector

The real political regime that hides behind the farce of liberal democracy is the dictatorship of the majority manipulated by the propaganda of the system, who impose its conventions to the minority. An exemple of this is Margaret Thatcher's "two-thirds society". That is the best case scenario, when it is not the system itself which governs the people.

The desire plays a key role in this dynamic, particularly in the centers of the neoliberal regime. The desire is what pushes spheres of life which used to belong to the realm of freedom and the natural, to progressively become the object of capitalist consumption. In this way the desired, as a form of political control and subjugation, gradually becomes  the obligatory. This happens according to this perverse logic of the dictatorship of the majority, implemented through a legislative, judicial and police apparatus that increasingly tends to impose obligations rather than to protect rights. In such a way, the "transgression" loses its liberating, atoning function (Capitalism as Religion, 1985) and becomes a farce, an illusion, acting in turn as propaganda of the system to impose such practices as the dominant ones.