European Disunion

Symbols are not neutral. They always camouflage certain reality that doesn't want to be shown. They always intend to suggest a different truth. Behind its mask of neutrality, cleanliness, simplicity and harmony lying intentions try to conceal realities that are not only more complex, but above all much more violent; ultimately, relations of domination. The flag of the European Union is a very clear example of that. This is an organization based, firstly, on the subjugation of Europe to American and NATO interests; secondly, on the submission of the peripheral to the central countries; and thirdly, summarizing the two previous points, on the dismantling of national sovereignty, that is to say, on the dictatorship of big capital over the people.

And yet, the official European flag aims to present a harmonious, balanced and equal alliance of sovereign states, united by a common interest. Therefore, the intellectual and artistic work of political resistance to the empire of capital should deconstruct not only the dominant theories, but also the dominant symbols, no less powerful. One of these possibilities is to manipulate them by
introducing vectors of reality, which contribute to uncover these stagings.

Image after Arsène Heitz and Paul M. G. Lévy's European Union Flag (1955) [pd-fu/fd] and data from International Monetary Fund's GDP statistics (2012).