European Disunion

Symbols are not neutral. They always camouflage certain reality that doesn't want to be shown. They always intend to suggest a different truth. Behind its mask of neutrality, cleanliness, simplicity and harmony lying intentions try to conceal realities that are not only more complex, but above all much more violent; ultimately, relations of domination. The flag of the European Union is a very clear example of that. This is an organization based, firstly, on the subjugation of Europe to American and NATO interests; secondly, on the submission of the peripheral to the central countries; and thirdly, summarizing the two previous points, on the dismantling of national sovereignty, that is to say, on the dictatorship of big capital over the people.

And yet, the official European flag aims to present a harmonious, balanced and equal alliance of sovereign states, united by a common interest. Therefore, the intellectual and artistic work of political resistance to the empire of capital should deconstruct not only the dominant theories, but also the dominant symbols, no less powerful. One of these possibilities is to manipulate them by
introducing vectors of reality, which contribute to uncover these stagings.

Image after Arsène Heitz and Paul M. G. Lévy's European Union Flag (1955) [pd-fu/fd] and data from International Monetary Fund's GDP statistics (2012).


William Tell's Geostrategy

The world's geostrategic balance can be interpreted in the light of William Tell's legend. The first arrow is that of terrorism, which sacrifices specific goals thus saving the bulk of the empire, gives it arguments to continue its dominance, but also shows the archer's good aim. The second arrow is that of the weapons of mass destruction, which would only serve to defend the few bastions not subject to the ever insatiable imperial ambition.

Image after G8 summit in Lough Erne Resort (Northern Ireland, 2013) [ua-fu/fd] and Topol-M-20 nuclear missile launcher [ua-fu/fd].


The Vision of God

Many cultures have regarded the sun as a god. As the source of light par excellence, it was considered as the focus of divine vision, a sort of transcendent eye watching everything that men did, a symbol of domination of the spirit over the matter. Now that everything we do in the immaterial domain of the Internet is seen and recorded by the eyes of the system, we can say that the eye of God has become integrated with the world, that the Internet is also an immanent and omniscient God.  

Image after Claude Nicolas Ledoux's Oeil reflétant l'intérieur du Théâtre de Besançon (Eye reflecting the interieur of the Theater at Besancon, 1784) [pd-fu/fd].


The Globalization of the Walls

Global capitalism is a two-way phenomenon. On the one hand, an increasing freedom in the movement of the capital, both the monetary capital and that embodied in the means of production and in the commodities. On the other hand, an increasing restriction on the movement of persons, subjugated to the interests of the labor market, confined in any of the different political, legal, regulatory and/or environmental compartments which ensure the proper flow of the capital. On the one hand the spirit. On the other hand the body. Globalization is thus the celebration of a great sacrificial ritual by which, as in any other sacrifice, the spirit and the body become dissociated.

Image after United States one-dollar bill (1964) [ua-fu/fd].