Border Hurdling

Some truly Olympic Games, really heir of the classical tradition, from the ritual pardons to the Roman circus, should include a sport discipline called border hurdling. During the celebration, as in any other ritual party, laws would be suspended. The stadium would be built on the border between the so-called first and third worlds. And those athletes who got to jump the fence would win a world citizenship award.

Image after London Olympic Stadium [ua-fu/fd], EFE's immigrants in Melilla [fu/fd] and others [ua-fu/fd].


Castizo sacrifice

If we were to propose an image representing the "typical Spanish", no one would be surprised at seeing serrano ham, wine or the Majas by Goya. What would not be so typical and yet distinctly castizo would be to represent, at the same time, the Wheel of Fortune, the Cross, the sacrifice of the flesh...

Image after Francisco de Goya's La maja desnuda (The Nude Maja, 1795-1800) [pd] and La maja vestida (The Clothed Maja, 1800-1807) [pd] and others [ua-fu/fd].



If we consider that those who boast about being the guarantors of liberty and democracy systematically resort to state violence, whether by torture or by force-feeding, then they should rather say force-liberting and force-democracing, so that the original terms do not get corrupted.

Image after Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty (1886) in New York Harbor [ua-fu/fd], force-feeding chair and others [ua-fu/fd].