Garden of Chess

All myths lie; they tell only part of the truth, the one which benefits the ruling classes. Thus, the Garden of Eden could more be appropriately called garden of chess. As related myths, three Evas confront three powerful patriarchs. The rules of the game are not the same for the two sides. It is about intelligence and strategy, and ultimately aims for the domination of nature.

Image after Pietro Perugino's Pope Antero (1483) [pd] and Pope Fabiano (1483) [pd], Mabuse's Adam and Eve (c. 1510) [pd], Albrecht Durer's Adam and Eve (1507) [pd], Hans Baldung's Adam and Eve (1524) [pd], Francisco de Zurbarán's Portrait of Pope Gregory I (c. 1626-27) [pd], Jaques London's chess board [fu/fd] and deforestation of the Amazon [ua].