Moral Weightlifting

One of the basic strategies for debunking the transcendence of morality, whether Christian or capitalist, is to understand that it ultimately responds to a materialistic logic. Morality can be interpreted as a sort of encounter of forces, or even weights. Thus, it is not surprising that the symbol which represents the Justice is the weighing scales. We would even dare to say that good and evil weigh the same, what in essence is nothing more than acknowledging that good and evil are simply two opposing tendencies that need to be balanced in any statu quo.

Thus, the role of religious authorities with respect to these moral distributions is to stage them, counterbalance them, perform a media spectacle showing their strength, almost superhuman, in order to maintain this
equilibrium reasonably stable. In this sense, we could say, with a touch of irony, that the task of these highest religious figures is very similar to that of a weightlifter. 

After Télam's Pope Benedict XVI [fu/fd].