Scales of Eros

One of the possible arguments for debunking the myths that naturalize dominant conventions is to confront them with analogous cases, whose naturalness is beyond question, that have not been affected by culture at all. An example of this is monogamy, that some ideologies present to us as something natural, something that even would correspond to some sort of natural law of symmetry, equality, balance or reciprocity. And yet the analogous --we could almost say homothetic-- phenomenon with respect to sex between humans, the fertilization of the egg by the spermatozoa, that is of course completely natural, seems to point to the opposite direction. Thus, this other scale of sexuality would almost confirm that, if there is any law ruling nature at all, or at least with regard to sexuality, it would be rather that of asymmetry, inequality, imbalance or lack of reciprocity.

Image after Thomas Couture's Romans during the Decadence (1847) [pd].