Onanistic Food Wastage

It must not be a coincidence that in the countries where human fertility is lower, it is also where more food is wasted. Beyond the direct scientific evidence, we believe that there is a deep connection between these two phenomena. The most developed societies throw away foodstuffs for several reasons: to destroy surpluses which would lead to price lowering; because they simply have more resources than needed; due to purely aesthetic reasons (the products don't fit into the dimensional, formal, chromatic or tactile canons dominating in the market). As you can see, common factors affect both the low rates in human fertility and the high food wastage. In fact, is not ultimately the waste of food a form of onanism at the scale of the whole system? Isn't it a pleasant and "unproductive expenditure" (Georges Bataille, The Accursed Share, 1949) of the resources? Do not the trends in sexuality and in food products in the centers share a common substrate? From aesthetic surgery to internet pornography, contemporary sexuality in the first world is dominated by the subjection to artificial canons, by the design and engineering of products, by the prevalence of the empty aesthetic values over the productive ones.

Image after cumshot pornography scene and various foodstuffs [ua-fu/fd].