Adams and Eves

Myths are the expression of the consensus established by a given society at a given time in order to limit the scope of nature by means of cultural arrangements. In other words, they are conventions defining the degree of repression for the natural instincts which is considered optimal to guarantee a peaceful coexistence. It is not a free consensus or convention, but the result of struggling forces, so that it would be more appropriate to call them dominant myths, for they are imposed by violent means to a greater or lesser degree. Somehow the myth is the meeting place of the natural and cultural, and for this reason, one of the common strategies used by the dominant ideology is to naturalize the myths, masking in this way the role played by the culture to define them and the coercive way used to impose them. But it is also important to understand that these consensus respond not only to political, religious and moral structures, but also to productive ones. This is the case of classic capitalist regime of production and its close connection with the bourgeois family.

Image after Lucas Cranach the Elder's Adam and Eve (various versions) [pd].