Immaculate Artificial Insemination

Few people today are aware of the profound religiosity that embodies many contemporary phenomena, even those apparently distant from religion, as it is the case of those belonging to the realms of science and technology. One of them is artificial insemination, that appears to be a legacy from the myth of the Annunciation of the Christian Virgin. If we analyze these phenomena with some perspective, we can find many common elements that demonstrate this affinity, and confirm the deep mythic-religious background that entails modern science. In both cases, the father is selected following a rigorous procedure in order to obtain the best progeny. Thus, the finally selected father is previously measured against and compared to other candidates, on which he imposes for being either the smartest, or the most industrious, or the healthiest, or the best physically gifted, or the most attractive. In both cases, they aim to overcome the limitations of nature, to reach a level that should be described as supernatural. Finally, in both cases  notions as reservation, closure, discretion, secret, purity -- all closely connected with the sacred -- play a central role.

Image after Fra Angelico's Annunciation (1426) [pd] and other [ua-fu/fd].