Design of the Race

We believe that phenomena apparently so far apart as the racial purity practiced by totalitarian regimes and the CG (computer graphics) pornography, have more in common than it might appear at first sight. In both cases the definition of a stereotype is pursued, based on a certain racial, physiognomical, but also aesthetic canon, which corresponds to the characteristics of the dominant group. From this canon, which is nothing but a stereotype with respect to the existing types which slightly vary from, racial purity proceeds negatively, while CG pornography does the same positively. That is to say, racial purity eliminates those types furthest from the canonical stereotype, by means of various methods as sterilization, eugenics, confinement and extermination. The CG pornography, in turn, is also based on the definition or design of a stereotype and its closer types, but does so by creating them directly.

Here we have taken the situation to the extreme, confronting two limit cases, but the fact is that we consider this encounter to define a paradigm that dominates the contemporary neoliberal capitalist regime. Thus, it seems that the physiognomical canons prevailing in fashion, the star-system or cosmetic surgery, work similarly. That is, from canons designed to serve as a reference for the selection of nearby types, or to force the reality to fit into these synthetic molds. The labour market would operate s
imilarly, when it marginalizes, even if negatively, the most distant types with respect to the dominant ones, not only at a productive and ethical level, but also at a physiognomical and aesthetic one
Image after Margaret Bourke-White's survivors at Buchenwald Concentration Camp (1945) [fu/fd] and others [ua-fu/fd].